LIVE: Steel Panther / Bowling For Soup / Buckcherry

Where: Wembley Arena
When: 15/10/16
Rating: 4.5/5



Image: Official

American rock band Buckcherry are the first on the famous Wembley stage. For the first band on tonight it’s great to see the arena very nearly full to get the most out of the evening. With many classic rock fans in the audience sporting AC/DC and Motorhead t-shirts, there’s no surprise that they throw themselves fully into the set and sing along with them. Buckcherry are experienced musicians, and we can see that with their tight arrangements and strong vocals. There’s high energy and the audience love it so, really, what more could you want for an opening act?

Bowling For Soup


Image: Bowling For Soup

Formed in Texas, Bowling For Soup are next up, and the crowd is screaming at their entrance. With their new album Drunk Dynasty now released to the world, and this being their first ever Wembley show, we can tell they are pumped for tonight. We’re pleased, to say the least, to hear the opening classics ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’ and ‘High School Never Ends’, with the whole of Wembley dancing on their feet. Of course, we hear some tunes from the new album including the single ‘Hey Diane’ which the crowd already know the words to. However, it’s always great to hear the oldies, and Bowling For Soup know this as they finish their set with ‘1985’. No doubt about it, they have definitely got the crowd ready for the headliners, and we can’t help but smile throughout.

Steel Panther



It’s time for the glam heavy metal headliners Steel Panther, and the audience have made quite the effort tonight with many dressed in spandex and a whole lot of hairspray. The lights go out and we hear the panther roar which sends screams soaring throughout the arena.

Finally they are on the stage,  starting with ‘Eyes Of A Panther’ and ‘Just Like Tiger Woods’. Having played on this stage before, they are acting like pros and keep the crowd fully entertained. The vocal range from lead vocalist Michael Starr is insane, especially when some of these songs were written a few years ago. They’ve definitely still got it!

Partway through, we step down the pace for them to all- drummer include- play an acoustic version of ‘On The Rag’. The crowd sways and sings along, it’s great to see some variety in a set to keep everyone entertained.

It’s now time for everyone to take some time off the stage and leave guitarist Satchel, who delivers a face-melting guitar solo with crazy riffs and pitch harmonics sending the crowd insane. He climbs on to the drums and before we know it he’s playing both the drums and the guitar, displaying his incredible musicality.

The pace is picked up again as the band grabs a girl from the audience and they sing her an improvised song, as well as ‘Girl From Oklahama’. This leads on to multiple women being taken from the audience in pure Steel Panther style to share the stage with the band for ’17 Girls In A Row’ and ‘Gloryhole’. Before the hit ‘Death To All But Metal’ which everyone belts the words to, and encoring with ‘Party All Day’.

Steel Panther are a band who translate perfectly on stage, with high energy and pure entertainment that is guaranteed to give a great live show. There’s dirty puns, making fun of eachother and laughter, but is matched with immense musicality we can’t get enough of. We sure hope they return to the UK soon.


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