Review: Memoreve – Insignia


UK progressive metallers Memoreve are set to unleash their musical vision upon the world with the release of their debut EP, Insignia.

Insignia gently eases you into the world of Memoreve, with an ethereal instrumental soundscape. It’s not long until the percussion and bass kick in, driving the title track forward and before long the whole band is in full swing. At this point you know your 25 minute musical journey through the minds of Memoreve has begun. Time to strap in and enjoy the ride. Memoreve have clearly spent a lot of time carefully crafting their debut release, taking pride in creating an immersive experience. At the end of the title track ‘Insignia’, we get our first glimpse at how instrumental interludes are used to tie together all of the tracks, uniting the E.P into a continuous piece, much akin to the Concealing Fate EP by fellow progressive metal outfit, Tesseract.

As the next track, ‘These Reflections‘, starts, the pace picks up and we get to hear what the multifaceted sound of Memoreve has to offer. At almost seven minutes, ‘These Reflections‘ takes us through hard hitting rhythmical passages and more of the ethereal sounds heard in the title track, ‘Insignia‘. However as before, the music is crafted carefully so that a musical idea never overstays its welcome. As the track closes we are once again treated to another instrumental outro, leading into the third track.

Descendant‘ kicks in with a heavy syncopated riff with some fantastic drum work, complimented by a haunting melody provided on keys. Once again the track shows Memoreve displaying musical maturity, creating a dynamic journey over the seven minute track. The hard hitting introduction is complimented by clean sections, allowing the track room to breath and come into it’s own, before finishing up with the trademark instrumental outro.

Alleviate‘ brings the 25 minute journey to a close, with more syncopated rhythms, intricate drum work and melodic vocal melodies. Once again the track closes with the instrumental outro, which creates a satisfying end to the musical experience.

Insignia is a promising release with plenty of character, showing great potential of things to come as well as a taste of what is shaping up to be an excellent future album.

Insignia by Memoreve is released on October 21st via self-release.


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