8 Spook-tastic songs for this Halloween

Our favourite time of year is fast approaching, when wearing black all day, every day is acceptable and there’s an excuse for having bowls of sweets lying around the house; yep, it’s Halloween. These are just a few tunes to go along with our Addams Family fashion choices and NSFW pumpkin carvings this year!

Heathens – twenty one pilots

To go with the film of the year, ‘Heathens’ by twenty one pilots is, without doubt, the song of the year. Part of the infamous Suicide Squad soundtrack, the latest hit from the alternative duo has seen their fame skyrocket to new extremes- if that’s even possible- and has had this track’s droning chorus and minimalist hooks on everyone’s lips.


All Hallows Evil – FVK

We’re still gutted by the news that FVK are splitting up (*sobs*), but it’s fitting that the band have chosen Halloween weekend to say their goodbyes with their final shows in London’s Underworld. The band is a Tim Burton creation, both imaginative and haunting, amusing and terrifying, and that whimsical horror will be missed. So, let’s spend one last Halloween with our favourite goth-punks, shall we?


Night People – You Me At Six

This groovy little number from British rockers You Me At Six is brand-spanking-new, and a great way to inject something a little different into those tired, old Halloween Spotify playlists. As a band they might not strike immediate fear into our hearts, but You Me At Six have given us the creeps for sure with this song about prowling the streets in the deep, dark night…


Magic Dance – David Bowie

Aw. We miss David Bowie. The entire world was devastated to hear we lost one of our most sensational musical stars at the beginning of the year. It seems only right to once again celebrate his legacy (we’ll take any opportunity to play some Bowie, let’s be frank) with this awesome tune from one of his most endearing yet unnerving roles (how did he even manage that?) in fam-fave horror-fantasy, Labyrinth.


Stranger Things – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein 

It’s not a party anthem, no. But it is the title track from one the biggest television phenomenons of the year, an intense, chilling, disturbing homage to ‘80s pop culture and sci-fi conventions. Stranger Things, the surprising but stunning alien smash hit, is going to be one of 2016’s most popular Halloween themes, so what better way to ramp up the creepy ambience than by playing its’ soundtrack?


Poison – The Lounge Kittens

Alice Cooper’s ‘Poison’ is a leather-clad, eyeliner-smeared Halloween classic, but here’s the horror tune as you’ve never heard it before; with a female ‘40s lounge twist. The Lounge Kittens open their debut album (released earlier this year) with their version of ‘Poison’- cute, fun, playful, but still all about venomous poison, so, you know…


Mama – My Chemical Romance

We were all reminded what an incredible album My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade was this year when it turned a whopping ten years old, prompting an outpouring of love for the seminal record. The entire thing could be played on repeat at this time of year, especially when you consider the whole album tells the tale of death. Hmm… Anyway, we’d opt for the manically brilliant ‘Mama’, if we had to choose just one.


Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) – Fall Out Boy ft. Missy Elliott

Was this year’s all-girl Ghostbusters your cup of tea? Well, it doesn’t really matter because it’s undoubtedly going to be a massive hit, especially with its ensemble cast and the mammoth franchise behind it. Ghostbusters always was, and continues to be, harmless Halloween fun for all the family. That’s why people of all ages can enjoy this festive track; another reboot, this time in the form of the original movie’s famous soundtrack.


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