Introducing: Feed Them To The Forest


Image: PR

Alt-rock punks Feed Them To The Forest are a breath of fresh air, extracting gutsy, melodic angst from huge alternative anthems and throwing the two together. They are just starting out, having released previous single ‘Black Canary’ back in July to rave reviews and heaps of coverage. They are now releasing new tune ‘Six Seasons and a Movie’, which you can check out below.

The track is another great example of how Feed Them To The Forest remain poignant and expressive while still retaining that earthy rock sound.

Speaking of ‘Six Seasons and a Movie’ vocalist Elliott Partridge has said: “Six Seasons is like a break up song, but not in a romantic sense. It’s basically a love song to the intense friendships of youth, where you and your friends almost become an extension of each other and how, when those friendships inevitably grow tired and distant, it can really hit your sense of self.

This band are truly on the cusp of something. It might take a few more single to really get themselves noticed but, with tunes like ‘Six Seasons and a Movie’, we’re sure it won’t take too long!

You can find out more about Feed Them To The Forest here.


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