The Qemists + Hacktivist = brand new single!

qemists promo.jpg

Image: Promo

Rave-rock band The Qemists are back, this time with brand new single ‘Jungle‘ which features none other than hardcore genre-defiers Hacktivist. You can check out the video for ‘Jungle‘ below:

This is the third single to be taken from their latest album Warrior Sound, out now.

When speaking of the electrifying collaboration between The Qemists and Hacktivist, The Qemists’ Dan Arnold has said: “When we started making Warrior Sound, Hacktivist were right up there on our list of people we’d love to collaborate with. Jungle was one of the first tracks to be created for the record and we knew we wanted Ben and J to feature on it. Like Run You, we felt that Jungle was a track that really defined Warrior Sound sonically, and the guys got the vibe straight away. They were hyped when they arrived at our studio in Brighton, and their verses connected like a right hook!”

An exclusive B-track to ‘Jungle‘, ‘Stepping Stones‘, is available from digital stores.


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