5 reasons we love the new The Dillinger Escape Plan album!


The Dillinger Escape Plan have announced that they will soon be going on an indefinite and extended hiatus and we, like many other fans, are absolutely gutted about it. But they’ve made sure to go out with a bang as they release what could be their final album Dissociation and, boy, what a note to end on! We’ve got just a few reasons that the latest, and perhaps last, album from The Dillinger Escape Plan is one of their best!

1. It’s crazy complicated

Lots of bands can create great rock ’n’ roll music, but not all of them can do it with the stylish intricacy that The Dillinger Escape Plan do, and it’s a feat they’ve accomplished yet again with Dissociation. Right from the album opener ‘Limerent Death’- one of guitarist Ben Weinman’s favourite ever Dillinger tracks- we hear guitar melodies so mind-bogglingly complex that they send our head spinning. That continues throughout the album, particularly in more math-rock oriented tracks such as ‘Wanting Not So Much To As To’ where the wonderfully geeky side of the band comes out, and that’s what makes them so unique.

2. It’s heavy as f**k!

We never expect anything to be watered down with The Dillinger Escape Plan. Their roaring vocals and ear-splitting heaviness is something we want them to deliver time and time again and, thankfully, they do so with this latest album. It’s surprising that a band who have been going for as long as Dillinger still manage to steamroll out such heavy tunes, but tracks such as ‘Low Feels Blvd’ are relentless, showing us that this band have no intention of losing their ferocious energy and fearsome aggression. They even take it one step further with tracks like ‘Surrogate’, which show a manic side to the band, making them even more hard-hitting than usual. This is one album not for the faint-hearted!

3. They aren’t afraid to experiment

When a band releases their (potentially) final album, we reckon it’s probably pretty easy to get lazy and not push the boundaries as much as they might have with earlier releases. However, that certainly isn’t the case with Dissociation. With the instrumental of ‘Fugue’, we hear several other-worldly, almost sci-fi sounds which bounce off of each other in an experimental, futuristic playground. The discordant, disjointed ‘Honeysuckle’ also shows us how The Dillinger Escape Plan have been bold enough to throw something unusual into the mix outside of the melodic hard-rock comfort zone, making for a deliberately uncomfortable yet intriguing listen.

4. It has a dark side

Maybe it’s because Halloween is in the air, but there’s something deliciously dark about the new album that makes the hairs on our neck stand on end- in the best possible way! From the creepy hauntings of ‘Symptom of Terminal Illness’ to the gloomy rock of ‘Honeysuckle’, The Dillinger Escape Plan definitely give us an ominous album. Delving even further into their dark side is ‘Nothing To Forget’, a tense, psychotic nightmare of a song that shows an unnerving disturbance- “Please let me be by myself!”

5. This album has allowed The Dillinger Escape Plan to go out in style

The Dillinger Escape Plan shocked fans when they announced plans to go on an “extended hiatus”, essentially putting a pin in the band for the foreseeable future. It wasn’t an expected announcement, but knowing the release of Dissociation was imminent kindly helped the grieving process. It’s an adventurous, chaotic, fearless record that shows how much The Dillinger Escape Plan have to give, and how much they will be missed.


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