REVIEW: Megaflora – Redwoods


Punk-fuelled indie band Megaflora are about to release their debut mini-album Redwoods on the 28th October. And since indie punk isn’t a genre we hear about often, we decided to dive right in and give it a listen (fingers crossed it’s not just people screaming emo lyrics over hyper punk tunes!)

The 7-track album is more on the indie-pop side of things, subtly throwing in elements of punk into the mix. The use of two vocalists, one female and one male, provides the tracks with an interesting contrast—we’re not sure if it’s a good or bad kind of interesting just yet…

The bouncy, optimistic ‘London’ kicks off the album. The constant switching vocals between singers Ellen and Max adds to the track’s bubbly indie-pop energy. Elsewhere, ‘A Mess’ puts Max’s raw vocals in the forefront. The rather nonchalant vocals paired with the upbeat, jumbled melody gives the song, and the album, more of that unpolished indie punk vibe. And what track ‘Progress’ lacks in vocals, it makes up for in melody. Fast-paced ‘Anxious’ is one of the stronger tracks on the album. The moody undertones and punk liveliness is enough to make you stop and take notice of the Megaflora.

With their interesting, memorable melodies and their overall energetic indie vibe, it’s clear to see that Megaflora has massive amounts of potential. This is their debut release, however, so it does need some work—especially when it comes to the dual vocals and figuring out a way to make them fit cohesively in the songs. But we’re definitely excited to see what’s next for Megaflora.

Redwoods by Megaflora is released 28th October via Everything Sucks.


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