REVIEW: Seasons – What Goes Around

seasons ep.png

Bedfordshire rockers SEASONS are about to release their second EP What Goes Around, coming back from their successful debut EP earlier this year. After gaining some recognition from Kerrang! and Scuzz they quickly formed a strong base of fans. But what did we think of their second EP What Goes Around?

The EP commences in with the single ‘Empire’, and we immediately hear a strong male vocal. This track is full of high energy, and a catchy chorus full of complimenting harmonies. It’s a solid song to kick off the EP to, and makes us eager for more.

Songs ‘When We Were Young’ and ‘Last Words’ take a softer approach, musically speaking, but even then we still sense high amounts of energy. We are able to hear the true range of notes vocalist Grant Tuffs can reach, and it’s quite impressive, despite being a little more exposed in these particular tracks. The lyrics in ‘Last Words’ adopt a more romantic feel, but are met with hard-hitting riffs, creating the perfect balance.

The pace is brought back up a little with ‘Rewind And Replay’, where we hear some real grit in the vocals. The lyrics are ones to relate to – with lines like “We have our highs and we have our lows”, everyone can find a connection there.

The EP is drawn to a close with ‘Fire’, starting off with powerful drums which set the strong pace. This track is full of tight harmonies, complimenting guitar riffs, and a display of great musicality. This is a great song to finish the EP on, with its high impact leaving us wanting to know what more they can possibly bring.

What Goes Around is a punchy EP that should be taken notice of, as SEASONS show they can produce easy, bop-your-head-to tracks with fun, catchy choruses. Their sound may seem familiar when compared to other rock bands out there, but they’ve managed to make it their own and, in our eyes, they’ll definitely be ones to watch!

What Goes Around by SEASONS is released on 18th November 2016.


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