The ‘00s bands that changed our lives

Get ready to feel old- the ‘00s are now retro. If in doubt, this recent Noisey article asking teenagers today what they think of some of the biggest emo hits from the 2000s- and their apathetic answers- just about confirms it. But that doesn’t mean they’re insignificant! Many bands who are shaping today’s alternative scene were hugely influenced by music from the ‘00s, and that makes the era just as relevant as ever. And, to prove it, we asked a bunch of bands from today which artists from the millennial decade inspired them the most.

Alex Costello – ROAM

“Linkin Park was the first band that I really obsessed over. For me it was their sound, it was so unique, the way they put rap into melodic heavy music. They were my first rock show and I think I just stood there watching in awe. Still a band I regularly listen to these days.”


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