5 stand-out tracks from ‘This Be The Verse’


London rock band This Be The Verse have released their self-titled debut album, their first release since The Consequence EP back in 2014. With eleven tracks of raw, industrial rock and intriguing individuality, This Be The First is a cracking debut- if you don’t believe us, check out our top five picks of stand-out tunes from the album!


With a name so fitting, ‘Unveil’ was the first track premiered from This Be The First on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter. However, it’s not what we would exactly call “radio friendly”; despite its cool, lo-fi vibe, it’s disjointed rhythm and chopping, changing flow would usually make it a radio no-go. But that’s why we love shows like this, as they allow awesome tracks like ‘Unveil’ to be heard!

The Wrong Road

This Be The Verse have an undeniably modern, super-cool, industrial rock feel to them, but it’s great to hear influences from another era creeping into this album. ‘The Wrong Road’ is a perfect example of just that, having a low, brooding Nirvana sound that makes us feel like we’re back the golden age of grunge; however, they still manage to style it out with a dynamic, diverse vocal performance.


Possibly the darkest track on the album, ‘Adieu’ brings a much more sombre tone to the record. There isn’t anything particular depressing about it, per say, but it certainly has a sobering, serious side to it which really absorbs the listener. It also pushes that risky, edgy vibe that This Be The Verse pride themselves on, showing a band who aren’t afraid to do something different- something the music industry so desperately needs!

How Can You Sleep

How Can You Sleep’ is probably this album’s most ‘industrial’ track, a sound that This Be The Verse are becoming pretty well known for. It’s like something from a Berlin club night, with tight, clunky beats and a distinctly European vibe, but This Be The Verse put their own stamp on it; adding a fuzzy, alternative dimension to the track, ‘How Can You Sleep’ is a real eclectic treat.


We love a throwback, don’t we? Well, ‘Alone’, the album’s penultimate track, has that in spades. Sounding like something from the ‘80s synth era, but coming down to earth with a rock ’n’ roll bump, ‘Alone’ is a beautiful blend of past and present. If the Pet Shop Boys went industrial (and we know that’s just what you’re waiting for) this is pretty much how we think they’d sound. With their minimalist, almost futuristic edge, ‘Alone’ signs off This Be The Verse with their cool style, which is something that has flowed continually throughout.


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