FVK release final EVER tracks


Image: Official Facebook

Cue the tears. Grab the tissues. Brace yourselves. FVK have released their final two tracks.

Having announced earlier this year that frontman Kier Kemp would be leaving the band and, as a result, they would consequently split, FVK shocked and devastated fans. They softened the blow with a final farewell show, which sees the band perform a matinee and evening show at London’s Underworld this Sunday (30th), and are now leaving fans with another goodbye gift- two of their last ever studio releases.

The band have uploaded new tracks ‘Priceless‘ and ‘Always Forgive‘ to YouTube. The lyric videos show backstage and live footage of the band over the years, as well as a montage of their past artwork and designs.

You can check out the last two tracks below:

As frontman Laurence Beveridge tweeted as he announced the tracks: “What a waste of the best song of 2016. The last fart from the corpse of Britain’s most underrated rock band.

We could agree more, Laurence! (Well, maybe not the fart part, but you get the idea.)




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