Metal Monday: The Algorithm


Welcome to Metal Monday, a new feature where all things metal are discussed, included introducing up-and-coming bands and talking about some of the lesser-known names in the genre.

Today we’re taking a look at French musician Rémi Gallego, better known to most as the electronic producer, The Algorithm.

But I thought you said this was called METAL Monday?!”, I hear you cry!

Well, Metal Monday will be starting with a curveball right off the bat, because that’s the way we do things here.

As soon as you take a listen to any of The Algorithm’s music you’ll instantly hear the metal influences starting to seep in from between the electronic arpeggios. With distorted guitars and complex percussive patterns being interwoven with various sub genres of electronic music, The Algorithm creates something not often heard by either the Metal or Electronic genres.

The Algorithm started in 2009 on Myspace and, after two awesome demos, the debut album, Polymorphic Code, was released in November 2012 through Basick Records. Since then The Algorithm has played various live shows all over the world, regularly touring and winning over new fans. In between touring, remixing music, and writing music for video games, The Algorithm has also released two other albums, OCTOPUS4 in 2014, and Brute Force earlier this year.

If you are unfamiliar with The Algorithm, the debut album, Polymorphic Code, is a good place to start, followed by OCTOPUS4 and Brute Force. Each albums has it’s own merits, but if you listen to them in order you can hear how The Algorithm’s sound is developed and refined with each release. A notably different track from the Brute Force album would be the track ‘userspace‘, which is best described as a dark, brooding, and melancholic piece, which focuses much more on creating an overall atmosphere.

It’s also worth noting that Rémi has a great sense of humour. How many artist’s do you know who will recreate the Meshuggah track, ‘Bleed‘, using the sounds of rifles from the game CS:GO, or have a song called ‘will_smith‘ and then have almost their entire crowd wear Will Smith masks during a live performance of the track?

The Algorithm may not be every metal fans’ new favourite act, but if you’re into electronic music, syncopated rhythms and fancy something a bit unusual, The Algorithm is highly recommended.

You can find The Algorithm at:

Official website:





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