Did you see this awesome Grimes cover?


Image: Promo

After releasing their debut album You Might Be Right earlier this year, Happy Accidents were probably wondering what they could do to top off a truly awesome year. How they came up with this idea we don’t know, but we love it – check out Happy Accidents’ cover of Grimes tune ‘California‘ below:

Speaking of the recording, vocalist Rich has said: “My interpretation of the song is that it’s a reaction to success, which obviously we have no real experience with. But part of why I relate to the song so much is how it deals with how the notion of what’s considered cool can be so fickle. So much of what’s written about music in the mainstream media are often completely devoid of an emotional response, when sometimes that’s really that’s the only thing that matters. Also it’s catchy as hell – Grimes really is the best.”

It’s a great way to sign off 2016, but the year isn’t over for Happy Accidents just yet; they’ve got some blinding tours coming up in the next few months. They are set to tour with Doe and Personal Best and support Muncie Girls throughout November, and performing with Fresh in December. Find out more about their upcoming tour dates here.


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