REVIEW: Fangclub – Coma Happy


Following on from their early 2016 release of EP Bullet Head, Irish trio Fangclub aren’t wasting any time in unleashing their latest effort, Coma Happy.

The new record continues much in the way of the first, with the ‘90s power-pop of opening track ‘Dreamcatcher’ and it’s understated, Weezer-esque style. It’s got a cool, mellow vibe, but that isn’t without its fun, punchy pre-chorus and melodic, catchy hooks. It’s an easy listen, with a smooth flow that runs throughout; we hear it again with ‘Follow’, which spruces up its more melancholic riffs with light, buoyant vocals and an almost playful tone.

The second half of Coma Happy takes a turn, leading us down what you could describe as a slightly darker path. ‘Inside Joke’ keeps an optimistic feel, with its lively, sassy groove, but the overriding sense of grunge consumes the track, particularly when we hear that husky Nirvana drone and those grunge-laden riffs. Ironically, final track ‘Coma Happy’ actually points towards a more miserable vibe; it opens the most emotional vein of Fangclub that we’ve seen and shows an honest, vulnerable side to them.

Coma Happy is an undeniably cool record, but not ‘out-of-your-league’ cool; in fact, this seems to be a band completely oblivious as to how good they actually are. There is something in the air with Fangclub and, although we’re not quite sure what it is yet, we reckon it’s going to materialise very, very soon.

Coma Happy by Fangclub is released on 18th November via Vertigo.


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