LIVE: Bring Me The Horizon / Enter Shikari / Don Broco / Basement

Where: O2 Arena
When: 31/10/2016
Rating: 5/5




Image: Official Facebook

Ipswich based Basement are first on stage at the O2 on this Halloween night, bringing their distinct brand of melodic hardcore punk to a steadily filling out audience. By the time the bands half hour set draws to a close the crowd are in motion and ready for more.

 Don Broco


Image: Promo

Next up are Don Broco, emerging onto the stage in full costume for what’s starting to be a ghoulish evening. Front man Rob Damiani rocks the cowboy look as he coaxes everyone into a feel good frenzy with their new single ‘Everybody’; what follows is a well-paced set that includes a handful of fan favourites such as ‘Priorities’ and ‘Money Power Fame’.

 Enter Shikari


Image: PR

An exclusive support band for tonight’s show, St Albans finest Enter Shikari, are a welcome addition to the lineup. Tonight marks their last gig before they embark on the arduous process of writing their next album and as such they want to end the time of The Mindsweep album with a bang. A ten song set list gives a flavour of their entire discography with Rou Reynolds skanking his way across stage in top form. The crowd is loving every second of it. With tight performances, excellent banter and the top-notch stage design borrowed from their recent arena tour tonight proves that they could easily play this venue in their own right.

Bring Me The Horizon


Image: Promo

The time has come for Bring Me The Horizon to hit the stage. Starting the set off with ‘Happy Song’, fireworks raining from the ceiling and strobe filling all corners of the room, illuminating the horde of fans. The stage design is top notch, with digital effects adding a new level of spectacle to the proceedings. The arena is ram-packed and full with the voices of 20,000 as everyone scrambling towards Oli Sykes as he reaches out with a growl. Jordan Fish and Matthew Nicholls loom at the top of an elevated platform, staring down at the crowd and relentlessly playing. Jordan’s keyboard bringing a precision level of synth to Matthew’s blistering drumming.

Keeping the pace up the band dives straight into ‘Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake’ and ‘The House of Wolves’ before slowing it down with ‘Avalanche’, a much needed break from the intensity. The display screens stretched out on stage play videos of falling snow and the titular avalanche, engulfing the band and creating a paramount level of immersion. We normally find an excess of special effects to be distracting from a bands technical ability but if anything this accentuates it, it’s a sight to behold.

The set list is formed of predominantly newer material from That’s the Spirit and Sempiternal, which could be seen as a disappointment for the more diehard BMTH fans but they did sneak in ‘Chelsea Smile’, kickstarting the audience into overdrive and reminding us of the bands metalcore roots. The newer material sounds great in a live setting, matching its studio production and sometimes exceeding in as Oli gives it his all in the vocal department. He’s not particularly chatty tonight but he’s here to put on a show and that’s exactly what he does.

The set reaches it’s peak with an with an anger filled ‘Antivist’, the crowd parting for mayhem to ensue in an arena wide mosh, the masses obey without question when Oli asks for “middle fingers up if you don’t give a fuck!’ The set draws to a close with a electronically heavy rendition of ‘Throne’, demonstrating just how much the band has evolved since their early days as one of the more marmite bands in the music industry.

Before the night is over they return to the stage once more for an encore consisting of the groove filled new single ‘Oh No’, and ‘Drown’ which takes on a new form as the entire Arena lends their vocals, almost drowning out the band. The atmosphere is incredible. The boys from Sheffield have come a hell of a way and we cant wait to see what they have in store for us next.





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