We can honestly say that we have never heard a band described as “polite post-hardcore” before, but apparently that’s what Plymouth-based quartet Lastoneout are.

Sidebar: It might possibly be the greatest way to describe a band ever. We immediately think of them as the guys that dive into mosh pits just to help people up. We’re already fans.

The still rather new band have been playing shows since the release of their first EP in 2013, and have toured with the likes of The Ataris, Young Guns, Mike Hererra and Lost Alone—they’ve also played sets at Boardmasters and Sonisphere. Politeness gets you far, dudes.

With their new emo-fuelled mini album This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours just around the corner, we thought we’d give it a listen.

Lastoneout might identify with the term “polite post-hardcore”, but they are very far from quiet and soft-spoken. Packing an intense, 90s post-hardcore ferociousness, the band combines emo sentiments with soaring melodies and fast-paced, invigorating instrumentation.

This mini-album is paying homage to 90s emo/post-hardcore like no other—a quality that provides the album with that genuine, somewhat, uncorrupted sound of the 20th century. Every track features the kind of tone and subtle elements we’d expect to hear from an influential band like The Story Of The Year—especially songs ‘Two Fifty Five AM’ and ‘It’s Better To Burn Out’.

Though still filled with 90s emo rock vibes, ‘Two Months Eight Weeks’ shows a more expressive side of the band. The upbeat, hopeful melody resembles that of a pop punk track and gives us that concentrated shot of emo we all need in a release. The thoughtfulness and general delicate nature of the song makes it one of the standout tracks on the album. Elsewhere, ‘Box Of Matches (It Only Takes One)’ puts its intense, electrifying hook on full display along with its fierce unclean vocals.

This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours is a solid release that any 90s emo/post-hardcore enthusiast will enjoy.

This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours by Lastoneout is released 4th November by Self-released.


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