Introducing: Pop-punk rockers Broadside


Image: Official Facebook

We all know pop-punk isn’t the most varied genre in the world—most of it sounds the same—but that doesn’t stop bands from popping up all over the place. And sometimes, really fucking good bands come along, and you just can’t help but love ‘em. And one of the bands that we’re really loving, and jamming to, right now is Broadside.

The band, who have endured several lineup changes since their formation, have been making music since 2010, and only recently signed to Victory Records in 2015. The band have released one full-length album while signed to the label: the high energy, high angst Old Bones. The band have also toured extensively with bands like The Ataris, A Loss For Words, Title Fight and Forever Came Calling. They also played Vans Warped Tour 2016.

Broadside have the usual raw pop-punk sound that is present with bands like The Story So Far and Neck Deep; the only real, tangible difference between Broadside and those bands is probably vocalist Ollie Baxxter. Effortlessly switching between smooth pop-punk vocals and strained, edgy melodic rock ones, Baxxter has one of the more impressive, memorable voices in the genre. Mind you, he’s definitely not the only pop-punk vocalist to have such a voice, but he uses it so well that it’s almost impossible not to adore the band for it.

Even with their catchy, energetic pop-punk melodies, and buttery smooth vocals, you’ll probably say that Broadside aren’t exactly breaking the pop-punk mould here, and that’s okay. No one cares. They are bloody brilliant! Pop-punk fans, do yourself a favour and check out Broadside: another band to make you feel like a rebellious, shenanigan-causing teenager again.




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