3 reasons we can’t wait to see Enter Shikari headline Slam Dunk Festival 2017


Image: PR

It has been announced that British four-piece Enter Shikari will be headlining the UK’s alternative one-day festival Slam Dunk next year.

The headline slot will celebrate ten years since the release of Enter Shikari’s debut album Take To The Skies and, as well as playing the three festival dates in Hatfield, Birmingham and Leeds, has promoted two intimate shows in Dublin and Belfast.

Speaking of the shows, frontman Rou Reynolds has said: “Slam Dunk is a festival that we’ve been attending from the very start – Slam Dunk South is actually on the campus of my old Uni in Hatfield! It’s grown into one of the most important festivals in alternative music, and it will be an absolute honour to headline it in 2017. We’re going to be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of our debut album Take To The Skies, which feels totally mental in and of itself. The fact that we get to reminisce and relive tracks we recorded so long ago, and that are still held dear by so many, is something I could have never anticipated back then and fills me with appreciation for everyone that has supported this band over the years. We’ll never write another album like Take To The Skies, as Enter Shikari isn’t really a band that looks backwards. But as this is a special occasion it’s important for us to recognise the importance of this album to us, and for the family of people who have supported us since those early days. On a purely selfish note, I cannot wait to play some of the tracks we haven’t played since 2007, or even ever!”

We can’t wait to see what the band have in store for these dates and, for anyone doubting Enter Shikari as festival headliners, check out just three reasons we’re sure they’ve got it in the bag!

1. You won’t hear Take To The Skies anywhere else, ever again!

As Reynolds himself said, Enter Shikari aren’t a band who live in the past very often and their recent setlists rarely feature more than one or two tracks from the debut album. But still, that doesn’t mean it is any less adored by fans, many of whom fell in love with Enter Shikari and their genre-defying sound back in 2007 and long to hear their favourite teenage tunes once again. These shows will be a one-off chance for us to hear long-forgotten tracks from the album that brought Enter Shikari to the forefront of British alternative music.

2. Enter Shikari know how to put on a show

Anyone who has seen Shikari live can’t argue- they’re one of the best lives bands in the country, if not so bold as to say the world. Not only do the band give everything they’ve got each and every time they hit the stage, but they are also always equipped with amazing special effects, video runs and incredible remixes that make their live shows a completely unique experience. Whether you’re a fan or not, you really can’t afford to miss seeing Shikari live!

3. The Shikari atmosphere is perfect for a festival headliner

Something about the atmosphere at an Enter Shikari show is unlike anything else; it’s electrifying. The crowd seems to come alive, and we don’t know whether it’s the band’s amazing blend between hardcore and dance music that makes you want to mosh and dance at the same time, or whether it’s the way in the which the band really let themselves go on stage that becomes infectious. Whatever it is, we know that Enter Shikari will create an amazing night with an awesome vibe.


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