REVIEW: Black Orchid Empire – Archetype


London based trio Black Orchid Empire have burst on to the music scene and are about to release their debut album Archetype. Having shared the stage with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Feeder, they’ve been quickly noticed and gained a solid fan base in preparation for their debut release.

The album begins with the aptly-named ‘Come In’, where we are met with a very smooth and well-controlled vocal. We also hear soft harmonies against gentle guitar in the background, before hard-hitting drums and the electric guitar kicks in to the rest of the song. This track is one of the singles off the album, and we definitely understand why with it’s catchy chorus and beat. Second single ‘God Is Awake’ kicks off with a strong beat that continues throughout, giving us that classic rock vibe.

Taking the tempo down a notch are ‘Here’s To You’ and ‘Melancholia’. It’s in these songs where we can appreciate the practised vocals and arrangements in the harmonies. Even though these songs are slow in beat and quite gentle, they always seem to contain that rock ‘n’ roll feel throughout, as a true rock band would.

‘Riff of Death’ does exactly what it says on the tin. We’re given a hardcore riff that continues through the track, and a whole lot of energy to match in the album’s most up-tempo song. This song forces your body to move to the repetitive riff and intricate guitar solo.

Each track follows that classic rock style, and it definitely does not disappoint. Archetype is drawn to a close with the short and sweet ‘Ended Up Like This’, which again takes a soft approach and concludes the album.

This debut album by Black Orchid Empire is a solid release. They’re a talented bunch with great musicality met with smooth yet dark vocals. We’re looking forward to what else they can bring!

Archetype by Black Orchid Empire is released 11th November.


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