LIVE: This Wild Life / Bethan Leadley

Where: St Pancras Old Church
When: 10/11/16
Rating: 3/5

Bethan Leadley

Youtuber and musician Bethan Leadley is the first to take this quaint and picturesque stage tonight. With over 300,000 subscibers on Youtube there are, of course, just a couple of fans in the room. Armed with an acoustic guitar, we hear both original songs such as her single ‘Your Storm’ from her latest EP Inside Her Head, and covers including The 1975‘s ‘Somebody Else’  which force the audience to sing along quietly in the echoey room. With her sweet charm that you can’t help but adore; it’s a great start to the night.

This Wild Life

Acoustic rock duo This Wild Life are midway through their tour for most recent album Low Tides and, hearing the cheers from the sold-out crowd as they take the stage, we can tell they’ve got themselves a pretty excited and supportive group of fans.

The staging is simple in this famously cosy venue, but the character makes it impressive and intimate. The show kicks off with songs ‘California’ and ‘No More Bad Days’, which sees the crowd singing along. Lead Vocalist Kevin Jordan sings with pure emotion that fills the room, reaching those high notes with ease. Intimate venues like these can really strip bands bare, and they can’t hide through any production, making their talent shine through. Harmonies are strong by fellow member Anthony Del Grosso, pulling the entire set together.

We are urged to sit still for the next song ‘Just Yesterday’, where you could hear a pin drop. It’s an emotional song where we just sit, listen and take it all in before moving onto sing-a-long song ‘History’.

Nearing the end of the set we’re pleasantly surprised with a cover of Slipknot’s ‘Disaster Piece’. This sees the audience singing louder and more boisterously for this well-known track. For the final number, band member Anthony takes to the drum set that has been set up at the back of the stage, displaying his array of talent which the audience can’t get enough of.

The set draws to a close with no encore tonight, but that’s okay; we were given a full show with raw talent at an intimate and quirky venue. With another added London date after this one we imagine a slighter larger venue will create a different vibe, but either way we hope they return to the UK soon, as they produce a calm but entertaining set that you simply can’t not love!


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