Christmas presents you as an emo teen would have LOVED

Today your Christmas wish-list probably includes normal, grown-up things like gift cards, alcohol and that new jacket you’ve had your eye on for the past four months. But back in the day, when your emo phase was in full swing, we reckon your letter to Santa might have looked a little different…

This ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ snow globe



Forget Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life; your favourite Christmas movie was The Nightmare Before Christmas. Its ghoulish take on the season appealed to your dark side and every piece of merchandise with Jack Skellington’s face on it you just HAD to have. You would have been thrilled with this adorable holiday gift.

Fluffy animal hat 


Image: Pintrest

To keep you warm in the winter, is there really anything more apt than these over-the-top animal hats? And, let’s be honest, if they didn’t have draping paws for you to slip your hands into and make animal poses with, were they even really worth it?

New eyeliner


Image: Tumblr

No need to raid the shelves for a new eyeliner pen or pencil every month; your family and friends knew you well enough to keep you topped up with at least a year’s supply worth of eyeliner (thick black mascara, bright, shimmering eye shadow and dark lipstick also acceptable) every year.

David and Goliath vouchers 


Image: Amazon

Remember that place? With its quirky slogans and adorable t-shirt motifs, David and Goliath was an absolute hotspot in your teenage years. Not only did it stock such classics as ‘Boys are stupid throw rocks at them!’ and ‘Come to the dark side, we have cookies’ but it also provided you with staples of your scene/emo wardrobe including comic strip hoodies and skeleton-hands skinny jeans. What more could you want?!

The Mighty Boosh box set

mighty boosh.gif

Image: Tumblr

Did you ever really understand the humour in The Mighty Boosh? Doesn’t matter, as long as you laughed in all the right places (bit of a stab in the dark sometimes, but oh well) and quoted it the next day at school, you felt like you nailed emo pop culture. You would’ve loved this box set for Christmas… even if you never even really watched it past Boxing Day.

Twilight saga book collection



Who’d have thought that the romance of a generation would be a love triangle between a mopey teenage girl, a sparkly vampire and a handsome werewolf? What a world we live in. Anyway, with just enough of a gothic undertone and a light dusting of PG erotica, this book series would have been top of your teenage Christmas list.

Old-style polaroid camera


Image: Pintrest

Having a camera from the ‘50s as a teenager in the ‘00s (with little-to-no knowledge of how to properly use it) meant you were super cool and sensitive and ‘well into photography’. No one needs to know all you really used it for were pictures of your mates drinking cheap cider in the park on Friday nights.


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