Review: BrokenRail – BrokenRail


BrokenRail are set to release their self titled debut EP later this month. The quartet from Birmingham, AL, have created a three track EP that’s filled to the brim with big riffs and melodies, and sure to please fans of Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed.

The first track, ‘Memory‘, kicks in with a heavy grinding riff, packed attitude, and once the verse kicks in the Disturbed influences can be instantly felt. As the track transitions between the verses and chorus there’s a nice contrast in dynamics, with the verses providing a darker, brooding feel, giving way to the massive power chord driven choruses. The track is also a great example of how it’s possible to create a song around an idea and keep it interesting by creating variations of that idea with the intro, verse and chorus all based around the same riff. The track displays how a song doesn’t need to be overly complex to be enjoyed, instead relying on groove to push the track forward.

Walk Again‘ picks up the pace and once again we can hear all of the band’s influences combining into another strong track. All the traits of the first song are present and we start to get a better picture of BrokenRail’s sound. This time the riff-heavy verses are complimented by melodic choruses that you can easily picture a crowd singing along to.

Save Me‘ wraps up the self-titled EP with yet more big riffs and grooves. A slightly slower track than the last, it follows the well-trodden path of stripped-back verses, building up gradually into yet another big melodic chorus. The chorus also features a nice melodic guitar line over the driving power chords.

This is a great EP from BrokenRail and, as mentioned, the influences are clear; however this doesn’t overshadow the music. It may be short, but the grooves are heavy and the riffs are strong. The balance between the more technical elements of the band, such as the blasts of intricate percussion, and the simpler elements, like the big groove-driven riffs, keep the record¬†easy to digest but retain interest.

BrokenRail by BrokenRail is released on November 25th 2016 via self release.


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