Who we’d like to see support blink-182 on tour


Image: Official Facebook

Pop-punk legends blink-182 have announced (and almost sold out) a UK tour for summer 2017. And since we love blink-182 (who doesn’t?), and can’t wait for their string of UK shows, we decided to make a list of some of the bands we’d like to see support the trio on their trip across the pond.

If we’re trying to keep it 90s, we got to go with the main crew:

  • MxPx – ’90s punk rock trio MxPx have been blessing ears with their catchy skate punk sounds since ’94. The band, who have released more albums than we can recall off the top of our heads, knows how to keep a party going—and Blink shows are all about partying!
  • Saves The Day – Another ’90s crew that we’d love to see in July 2017. Though Saves The Day is more on the emo side of things, they still have the energy and pop-punk edge that the ’90s is all about—we are also extremely about it. They are also the perfect band to mosh/crowd surf/lose your shit to.
  • The Starting Line – We can and will put this band on every single “who we want to tour” list because we really just want them to do another goddamn tour! Pop punks The Starting Line gave us such gems as ‘The Best Of Me’, ‘Leaving’, and ‘Up & Go’—three songs that are absolutely killer live, by the way. And though the band have had their fair share of hiatuses, they are back together. And what’s a better way to say, “we’re absolutely 100% back baby!” than to support pop-punk legends blink-182?

If we want to go new school pop-punk:

  • * Although it’s HIGHLY unlikely because the band is already embarking on their own UK headliner earlier in the year, we have to add blink’s recent tourmates All Time Low to the list.

ATL have always been seen as blink’s little pop-punk children, so it only makes sense that they support them on every tour, right? Not only are ATL a rad, and extremely fun, live band they are also pretty skilled in on-stage banter—they might even give blink a run for their money!

  • State Champs & Joyce Manor & Seaway – Old school pop-punk meets new school pop-punk. All three of these modern pop-punk bands would be excellent additions to the Blink tour. Although each band is supremely different to blink-182, they all have a distinctive sound and an energy that could blow the roof off of any venue.

If we want something a little different:

  • *Again, this is very unlikely to happen since they are also doing their own headlining UK tour, but we love A Day To Remember and are going to put them down anyway. (Law of attraction, guys!)

ADTR aren’t exactly on the same wavelength of blink-182. While blink play upbeat, humorous, tongue-in-cheek pop-punk, ADTR play an aggressive metalcore-infused version—both pretty rad. But regardless of their differences, we’d love to see one killer band support another.

  • Fall Out Boy – Though the band have shifted from pop-punk and fallen more into the pop-rock category, Fall Out Boy definitely still know how to get a crowd going. Every Fall Out Boy show is just one sweat-infused party! And that kind of “I can’t breathe” energy is just what the blink tour needs.

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