REVIEW: The Vigil – Save Our Souls


Bristol-based alt-rockers The Vigil are hitting us with their debut album Save Our Souls. Having started rocking out in the late ’90s, a lot of their influences are edgy, digging into an alternative, underground style. We got the chance to listen to this album before it’s released into the wild, so what did we think?

As soon we start this album, we’re met with raw, gritty guitar riffs, complimented by rough male vocals. In terms of arrangement ‘All You’ve Done’ is fairly simple, giving us all a rock song requires. The beat makes this song very catchy; it may be straightforward, but it works well.

‘Do You Feel Alive’ takes a slightly different angle musically, with a more upbeat chord structure. Having the drum beat change throughout the song keeps us on our toes and always wanting more. The chorus displays the strong vocals by Olly Smith, with layers in the chorus that provide emphasise on the words and is very appealing to listen to.

Taking on that alternative, underground theme, we are spoilt with the edgy guitar solos in ‘Hell To Pay’ and ‘Feeding Time’, both of which show the incredible musicality they possess. They’re the kind of songs that would be great live in a dark and sweaty room – that’s how we imagine it anyway!

As the album draws to a close with ‘Know What You Are’, we hear a slightly softer side of the band. It’s great to hear some diversity and experimentation in a debut album to really understand the sound they are aiming for. ‘Turn The Tide’ sums up the album pretty well, with an understated tone giving a different sound we aren’t really used to, which is great! The vocals are, again, in a nice, easy, straightforward melody.

The Vigil are an up-and-coming band we believe have a place in the music industry. They may seem like your average “alt” band, but they have something that takes us back to the old punk rock days – and there’s always a place for that. Save Our Souls does fall into the trap of repetitiveness occasionally, with a similar sound throughout, but it’s a great debut that really defines their sound.

Save Our Souls by The Vigil is released on 25th November via self-release.





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