LIVE: SOiL / Sons of Texas / Liberty Lies

Where: O2 Academy Islington
When: 15/11/2016
Rating: 4/5


Image: Official Facebook

Alternative rock outfit Liberty Lies kick of tonights musical gathering. Although being the first band to play and the majority of people at the show being unfamiliar with the band, they drew a respectable crowd. Being the first band on at weekday show is not always an easy task but the performance was professional and the band, who were clearly enjoying playing in London, were well received by the crowd. It’s always good to see a band invite the crowd to meet them after their set at the merch stand as well.


Image: Official Facebook

Next up were Sons of Texas all the way from, unsurprisingly, Texas. Bringing some big riffs, and southern groove to the show they provided a nice variety to the nights performances. There was a full mix of songs, some heavier, faster tracks, to some bluesier songs with some killer solos. The room was filling out nicely by this point and the crowd were starting to warm up. Yet again the band were enjoying playing in London and worth checking out when they return to the UK.


Image: Official Facebook

After the usual break for air and a trip to the bar, the room started filling up for the main event. SOiL hit the stage, and as expected, the crowd went into a frenzy. ‘Wide Open‘ roared through the room follow by ‘The Hate Song‘ and it was obvious that it was going to be a good set. The crowd were treated to a few lesser played songs including ‘Amalgamation‘ which as the name suggests is an amalgamation of lyrics from past SOiL songs, carefully arranged to create an entirely new song.

We then get a couple of surprise tracks, ‘The Lesser Man from Picture Perfect and ‘Give It Up‘ from the True Self album. Both tracks haven’t been heard live since vocalist Ryan McCombs rejoined the band a few years back, but the crowd loved it, singing alone word for word.

All throughout the show the band showed their genuine gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the support their fans have provided over the years, fully appreciating that without the fans there would be no SOiL. The show wrapped up with fan favourite ‘Halo‘ with Ryan heading into the crowd getting everyone to join in. One last surprised wrapped up the night with a great rendition of ‘Black Betty‘.


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