REVEIW: Better Than Never – Head Under Water


Better Than Never are set to release their second EP of the year, Head Under Water. The Oxford-based six-piece are following up February’s release Homemade Hero with this five-track record, recorded and produced by Ian Sadler of Emeline Studios, who has his fingerprints over so many releases from the UK’s best up-and-coming alternative acts.

This EP wastes little time hooking us straight in with the opening couple of tracks. First up is ‘126’, a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it intro which leads into ‘Learning To Swim’, an upbeat and energetic pop-punk belter. With a typically catchy and memorable hook, it has real stuck-in-your-head-for-days potential.

Next up is ‘Dreamland Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be’. This track picks up on the main theme of this record, dealing with the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety we all share, summarised with one line in the chorus: “It’s been a bad start to a terrible year and I can’t get my feet up off the ground”- although musically, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was your classic happy-go-lucky pop punk track.

Following this is ‘Forty Eight’, a totally different vibe to the previous tracks. It’s more along the hardcore/easycore lines and came as surprise with a first listen to the record. With that being said, it’s actually quite nice to hear a band mastering different genres on the same release. Final track ‘Lowhill Lane’ takes us back in a lighter direction, but finishes off this EP perfectly.

They may not quite be the finished product but Better Than Never are defiantly one to look out for. They are a great example of the way pop-punk is currently heading, and they pull it off to high standard.

Head Under Water by Better Than Never is released on December 2nd via Fox Records


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