REVIEW: Guttermouth – New Car Smell


Having a reputation for their chaotic live shows and fast, loud style, Guttermouth are here with a new EP New Car Smell that we’re ready to sink our teeth into. Formed in the late 1990’s, they have had plenty of time to perfect their sound and also gain some controversy in the process- that’s what punk rock is about right?

Sticking with the theme of fast and loud, this EP is only just over 10 minutes long and is perfect for getting us hyped up. The first track ‘Spud Like Torso’ kicks off with a fast paced guitar riff that sets the tone of the EP, as this pace continues throughout the EP. The chorus has a great, catchy tune and, with very much guitar-based music and powerful riffs, it’s an awesome punk track.

Title track ‘New Car Smell’ is just as chaotic with its melody, and the thrashing of guitars sets the pace to this next tune. The lyrics explore relationships through crude metaphors, but we’re too busy having a good time to get swallowed up in emotions.

‘Mail Order Bride’ starts off with a bass riff, making it stand out from the rest of the songs on the EP before hitting it hard with the guitars. Their slight use of electronic sounds in the background just add to the playful tone.

New Car Smell is an anarchic EP. Its short, sweet tracks are full of hilarious and sarcastic lyrics and have creative melodies to match. We can imagine their live shows being absolutely insane, the pace just doesn’t stop! Any punk rocker at heart would love this EP and, even though they’ve already released two records this year, we’re still eager for more.

New Car Smell by Guttermouth is released on 25th November via collaboration with Blue Attack Records.



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