The best movie soundtracks of 2016

This past year has been a pretty mega one for the movies; we’ve reignited our childhoods with new animated hits Finding Dory and Zootropolis, fallen in love with anti-heros Deadpool and the Suicide Squad gang, and recaptured classics with sequels and remakes such as Independence Day: Resurgence and Ghostbusters. It’s been a cinema-goer’s delight, but the movie industry hasn’t only been kind to film fanatics- it’s been pretty sweet for music lovers too. Here are just some of our favourite tracks from the best movie soundtracks that 2016 has had to offer!

Heathens – twenty one pilots (Suicide Squad)

The hype around Suicide Squad made the song massive and, in turn, the song made the band international stars. Until a couple of years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find any real, big twenty one pilots fans in the UK, but since the release of single ‘Stressed Out’, which was just about e’erywhere when it came out, and creating this tune for one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the year, twenty one pilots are fast becoming a household name.

In Between Days – The Cure (Sing Street)

It’s just about the oldest story in the book: boy starts a band to impress a girl. But still, it seems to work every time! Sing Street is the cute, feel-good tale of teenagers fighting their way through high school and finding themselves through music. With its soundtrack of ‘80s hits and pop-rock, you can’t help but cosy up and fall in love to Sing Street; it’s got some great originals, but we must admit our ultimate favourite song from the movie is this classic The Cure belter!

I’m Not Afraid – Fall Out Boy ft. Missy Elliott (Ghostbusters)

Right. We get it. Not everyone was over the moon to hear that their favourite childhood film Ghostbusters was being revamped into a shiny, new, all-female version (except for the blatant eye candy, Chris Hemsworth). But hey, that’s what the movie industry does; it takes popular franchises and reintroduces over and over again to squeeze out every last penny they can and, most of the time, we fall for it. But, anyway, we dig this fresh take on the old theme song from our faves in Fall Out Boy!

Shoop – Salt ’n’ Pepper (Deadpool)

We can’t talk about this year’s movie soundtracks and not include Deadpool. It isn’t an especially rock ’n’ roll theme tune, but it’s probably the best “superhero” soundtrack we’ve heard in a long time, with tongue-in-cheek humour and retro vibes that take us back to the original comic book roots. The opening scene where they’re shooting each other up and cars are exploding all over the place in freeze-frame and Juice Newton’s serene ‘Angel of the Morning’ is playing? Genius. We’re big fans of the Salt ’n’ Pepper moment as well, though.

Ordinary World – Green Day (Ordinary World)

Was Ordinary World, the story of a down-and-out punk in his ‘40s starring Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, the best movie of 2016? Um… no. It’s got some heart-warming moments in there and we think they’re trying to teach us a lesson about, like, family or something. But compared to some of the other films we’ve seen hit the screen this year, this one isn’t quite up there with the greats. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t have a banging theme tune going on, especially with Billie Joe involved! Our favourite is, of course, the title track ‘Ordinary World’, actually featured on the band’s latest album!


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