Perfect Xmas Gifts for that Music Fan Friend!

Nothing says happy holidays quite like Christmas-themed music merch. From festive jumpers to vinyl box sets, musicians sure know how to make you spend your dough on stuff for yourself! By the time you click page 2 of the online merch store, your “family Christmas budget” is already gone. And you’re broker than broke… but at least you have some new additions to your stuff.

And since Christmas is quickly approaching, we thought we’d make you guys a little music shopping guide. A list of our favourite festive presents for yourself or your loved ones (but most probably for yourself).

Neck Deep Xmas sweater – This jumper has so much detail on it that it makes our eyes hurt, which means it’s the perfect Xmas jumper! A great gift for any jolly Neck Deep fan.



Descendents Xmas jumper – Here’s another gift for punk enthusiasts! Not only does this jumper feature steaming cups of coffee (aka life), music notes, and their band name on the back, it also has beautifully stitched pictures of beloved Milo on the front. The red one is just as badass! And all the proceeds from both Xmas jumpers will go to ACLU and Planned Parenthood!




Bullet For My Valentine Xmas jumper – Just amazing! All the ingredients for the perfect holiday sweater, with added badassness because it’s Bullet! (Side note: the skulls are an excellent touch.)



Fall Out Boy Xmas sweater – Fall Out Boy have released a somewhat traditional looking Xmas jumper (except it isn’t ugly and you don’t want to puke every time you see it). The classic red, white and green colours with the simple FOB logo and words “You are what you love” makes this the perfect sweater for those who want to do Xmas jumpers in style.



Taking Back Sunday Xmas jumper – Cute with a capital E… okay, so that would make it “cutE”, which makes no sense, but I was trying to do a thing here! This jumper is beyond perfect for the holiday season—no one’s going to tell you that you look lame for wearing a Taking Back Sunday sweater. They rule beyond human comprehension.



If you’re too cool for Xmas sweaters, what about treating your loved ones (but again, most probably yourself) to some of these other killer music inspired gifts.

blink-182’s vinyl box set – *perfect gift alert* Blink’s complete album box set… on vinyl. Need I say more?



David Bowie 1969 – 1973 vinyl box set – 12 incredible discs from an incredible man. A beautiful gift for anyone.



Switchfoot’s “The Dreamer Christmas Package” – The alt-rock band Switchfoot sure know how to do Christmas right. Their Dreamer package includes a T-shirt, Jon’s journal (filled with lyrics and drawings), a custom 5×5 print, a mug, a holiday card signed by the entire band, and their Backstage EP. Not bad for $70 (£54.97).

Or maybe Christmas albums are more up your alley… we have some of those too! Here are some of our Xmas favourites.

We Wish You a Metal X-Mas and a Headbanging New Year – Various artists – The vibe of this album is all in the title! No one says Merry Christmas quite like Alice Cooper, Dave Grohl, and Billy Gibbons.



…And a Happy New Year – The Maine – Baby The Maine anybody? This 4-track Christmas EP was released in 2008 but is still as great as ever. We definitely recommend that you get into the Xmas spirit with these adorable, festive pop punk tunes. (Side note: I have already jammed out to ‘Ho Ho Hopefully’ about 80 times since December 1st.) (Another side note: I jammed out to it at least 50 times prior to December 1st.)



Christmas with Weezer – If alt-rock is more your thing, then you need to pick up a copy of the beautiful Christmas with Weezer. Their beautiful grungy cover of ‘O Holy Night’ is especially great—maybe one of the best holiday covers ever. Pure gold.


Image: iTunes

Punk Goes Christmas – Various artists – Everyone loves a good “punk goes” album. Fearless Records’ 2013 Punk Goes Christmas record features bands like All Time Low, New Found Glory, The Ready Set, and Crown The Empire. Talk about festive!



And the weirdest music merch we found while searching online this week:

Aerosmith Swarovski bling Ugg boots – Yep, you read that right. Legendary rock band Aerosmith sell customised Uggs as merch. And what’s weirder is the fact that they are in no way affiliated with Ugg, and instead purchased the Uggs themselves and decided to pimp them out to be the weirdest rock merch of all time.

But let’s be honest, we all pretty much hate Ugg boots, but we 100% wouldn’t hesitate to rock these bad boys because they have the Aerosmith logo on them. It’s Aerosmith, man!




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