Incredible Live Moments That Ruled 2016

This year has been a strange one, hasn’t it? I mean, sure, when you consider ALL of history, you know, the wars, the plague, etc. then it puts things into perspective a little but, nonetheless, 2016 has still been a bit of a crappy year that we just want to give the middle finger to and move on from.



But it’s not all doom and gloom! There have been some amazing moments too- like that spritely little lizard on Planet Earth II, or when we found out that Val from the Great British Bake Off was jetting off on a baker’s holiday to Ayia Napa- and, in particular, some outstanding live music highlights. From massive, career-topping gigs to tiny, sweaty, intimate one-offs, the UK has had a stellar year for live music fans; let’s relive just some of the best live moments of 2016!

Bring Me The Horizon with the Parallax Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall



In one of the most inspiring creations of the year, metal band, hard rock band, post-hardcore band- whatever you want to call them- Bring Me The Horizon collided with an epic orchestral choir for one night only at landmark venue the Royal Albert Hall. The night saw fans treated to a once-in-a-lifetime performance, bringing with it a touching donation to Teenage Cancer Trust. Seeing one of our biggest live bands soar through their songs backed up by an extraordinary orchestra was the real definition of a beautiful diamond in the rough.


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