LIVE: Yellowcard

Where: O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London
When: 15/12/16
Rating: 5/5

Yellowcard have been such an important part of pop punk music. The band have been entertaining the eyes and the ears since 1997. And after 9 studio albums, they have decided to call it quits—and we’re all extremely sad about it, to say the least. But YC’s legacy will undoubtedly live on, and this sold out Shepard’s Bush Empire show just proves how mighty that legacy really is.

Before the band hit the stage, a PSA comes through the speakers about electronic devices and how watching with your eyes, and not your iPhone, is an actual thing. The grand voice accurately explains that every song they play has already been recorded by someone else and is already up online. The crowd cheer and then proceed to pull out their phones to record the show. There’s just no talking to some people!

Yellowcard hit the stage, and the excitement levels are through the roof. They start their set with ‘Believe’, and the whole crowd is already dancing, jumping and singing along like their lives depend on it. The words “everything is gonna be alright” are belted out by both the band’s singer Ryan Key, and the devoted, adoring crowd. But as everyone realises this phenomenal band are saying their farewells to London tonight, the crowd is emotional and singing words they don’t believe in because, let’s face it, Yellowcard is saying goodbye; nothing is going to be alright.

The band play tracks from almost every album, including their newest, final one. And the crowd are loving every song. Mosh pits, crowd surfing and loud, thunderous clapping ensue as the band energetically bounces around the stage commanding the crowd. YC are at their absolute best tonight, playing their hearts out and making us all question why the hell they are breaking up in the first place!!

Fan favourites ‘Lights and Sounds’ and ‘Hang You Up’ go down extremely well. Not only are the standing crowd losing their minds, but so is everyone who’s seated—they may as well have been standing! And all the Spider-Man fans get on their feet for ‘Gifts and Curses’. Ryan Key and Sean Mackin even play a stripped back, acoustic version of ‘Empty Apartment’, which has everyone singing their emo hearts out.

The band play the legendary ‘Ocean Avenue’, but not before thanking their fans and YC crew for everyone they’ve done for them. The crowd is exhausted, emotional, and just want this night to last forever, but as soon as the notes to ‘Ocean Avenue‘ play, the crowd is rowdy and shouting along—because we’re all still emo 13-year-olds.

Yellowcard, you will be missed deeply, greatly, and possibly forever (but we’re hoping you reunite before then). Thank you for changing the pop punk game and leading the way for so many others. We love you, always.


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