5 Bands That Kicked 2016’s Ass!

Some bands have flopped and fallen apart in 2016, but for those lucky few that made it through it’s been one hell of a year! Here are just five bands who grabbed 2016 by the balls and made it their own!



Image: Official Facebook

They haven’t even released their debut album yet and Creeper still managed to make 2016 a banger, so gawd knows what they’re going to do with next year once their first full-length is finally out! But they did hit us with their spectacular third EP The Stranger in March and have since toured alongside Andy Biersack, Funeral for a Friend and letlive., rounding up an army of fans on the way. They’re exciting, they’re talented and they have got some cracking songs under their belts. Creeper have exploded in 2016; let’s hope 2017 doesn’t see them fizzle out!

With Confidence

With Confidence

Image: PR

Not many pop-punk bands are fighting their way out of the masses and actually managing to make a name for themselves right not (it’s hardly surprising, given that there are so bloody many of them!) but one who did this year was With Confidence. These shiny new Australian lads are a bright burst of feel-good pop-punk and they’re bringing the sunshine over the UK with them (at least they better!) when they visit in February.



Image: PR

Another band who haven’t actually released an album yet but were still able to take 2016 for their own is WSTR. You probably started the year having no idea who they were but, as the months went by, the name began to crop up more and more often. By time winter rolled around you undoubtedly knew all about this Liverpudlian 5-piece and their penchant for fierce, raw pop-punk music. Much like their rough ’n’ ready American counterparts Four Year Strong, WSTR aren’t for the faint hearted, and we hope their debut album in January just gives us more of their harsh, aggressive fun.

Milk Teeth


After the release of their album Vile Child, it was inevitable that Milk Teeth were going to do pretty well this year. Have you heard it? If you have, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about; it’s angsty but endearing, heartfelt but upbeat, and something truly fresh from British alternative music. If you haven’t, you should really check it out… Anyway, put that together with some great support slots alongside Against Me! and Tonight Alive and it just goes to show Milk Teeth have had one hell of a year.



We don’t quite know what it is about ROAM that sets them apart from so many other bouncy pop-punk bands- maybe it’s their cheeky-chappy demeanour, great dual vocals or unwavering enthusiasm and onstage energy, who knows?- but whatever it is, its made for a fantastic year for ROAM. Their debut album showed us that they have a fresh, spunky sound with bundles of potential to become an amazing powerhouse of a pop-punk band!


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