Don’t Try This at Home – 3 of the Most Insane Live Moments of 2016!

Some live moments are shocking, hold-your-breath moments that only happen every once in a blue moon, and when times are bad (like the whole of 2016 in general!) it’s fun to relive them and take yourself back to that exact moment. Here are just some of the craziest things that happened live on stage this year!

When BMTH stormed Coldplay’s table at the NME Awards

Remember that? Remember that weird moment? Remember when we weren’t sure what was actually weirder, seeing Coldplay being trampled by Oli Sykes or the fact that Bring Me The Horizon were even invited to the NME Awards in the first place to be celebrated by those who generally attend such events. Either way, watching BMTH gatecrash a room full of snobbish musos and several bland popstars is deliciously satisfying, despite how you might feel at heart about the post-hardcore five-piece.


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