Our Favourite Zoe London YouTube Tutorials to Make You Look Like a Queen This NYE

Beauty and fashion YouTuber Zoe London is one of our favourite alternative vloggers, known for her gorgeous hair, outfit and make-up ideas, as well as her hilarious interviews with plenty of British rock bands and her cool, quirky lifestyle videos. We just love her, so we’re super excited to follow her advice and get that perfect look for our New Year’s Eve party.

This My Little Pony-inspired glitter look might have been created for Christmas, but we think that New Year’s Eve is still a great time to carry that sparkle on into next year! Try this with shimmer tops to glimmer all over, or wear with dark clothes to make the make-up really stand out.

If you’ve got time you might want to try this one for a truly out of this world look! It’s a little fiddly if you aren’t used to dying your hair various shades at once but Zoe shows us how simple it can be if you want to do it right and have beautiful intergalactic hair.

You might be heading to something more sophisticated this New Year’s and want to go for a more demure style, or perhaps you just prefer a more subtle make-up look; either way, these different nude lipsticks will be perfect for you! They’re all gorgeous but each come with their own stand-out qualities, so you’re sure to find the right one for your individual look.

You can’t really go wrong with a smokey eye; it’s a cool, sexy style that always looks incredible at parties, especially when you’ve got a killer outfit to go with it. Zoe’s version is a new take on the smokey eye look that adds a smudge of colour with this lovely shade of purple.

If you’re in a bit of a rush heading out to the New Year’s Eve party- maybe you’re going straight from work, or perhaps you’ve got to make a quick dash to see family first before hitting the town- and you don’t have time to faff about with styling your hair, these fun ponytail ideas are perfect. They’re quick and easy, but a little fancier than your average topknot or sling-back ponytail so you still look ready to party!


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