Things That Always, Always Happened At Our Teenage House Parties

inbetweeners dance gif.gif


Ah, the good old days. Remember when your parents still had social lives and would often spend Friday nights doing something boring and adult-y, therefore creating the perfect opportunity for you and your teenage mates to gatecrash each other’s houses and get smashed on whatever drinks you could find in the back of the cupboard? Oh, memories…



That one friend who always passed out before midnight
Having drunken bodies strewn across the living room floor, draped over the stairs and tucked up in miscellaneous beds is, of course, how a good house party should end- especially when it’s attended by teenagers exploring their first forays with alcohol! But there was always that one mate who talked the talk all day at school, but as soon as they knocked back one too many beers they’d be sprawled across the sofa drooling on your decorative cushions before the rest of you had even started socially smoking on the front porch. Disappointing…




Drinking weird concoctions you wouldn’t touch with a bargepole nowadays
Vodka and baileys? Sure! Gin and Fruit Shoot? Why not?! Cider and whiskey? Sounds great! Rummaging through the kitchen cupboards for alcohol often led to drinking literally whatever you could get your hands on. Let’s be honest, when lack of ID and limited pocket money stood between you and the party spirit you’d take whatever you could get, even if that included some pretty weird creations! Think back to some of the things you used to drink as a teenager and ask yourself, would you even go near that now? Probably not!




The height of sophisticated music taste
Depending on your circle of friends, your house party playlist went one of three ways: cutesy Top 40 pop, with the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars making regular appearances; a dodgy lesson in grime, garage and house for beginners; or cringe-worthy emo music that made you all awkwardly mosh around the living room like complete idiots. Anything else and you simply weren’t doing it right!


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Outfits that were way too glam for a house party!
Going to your mates’ house these days is a pretty casual affair; just chuck on your jeans, a hoodie and turn up with a Dominos pizza voucher code and you’re welcomed with open arms. But as a teenager, you’d think going to a friends’ house party meant bouncers on the door and a strict dress code with the way you used to tart yourself up. Getting ready was a military operation, and choosing the perfect outfit to show off your shiny new post-puberty figure was absolutely crucial- despite the fact that someone would undoubtedly be throwing up on it later (and not necessarily you!).


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