A Bunch of Reasons This January Doesn’t Have to Suck

January is most people’s least favourite time of year (which is really fun for us guys with birthdays, thanks everyone!), for many understandable reasons. You burnt out your bank account buying presents for distant relatives and have to wait an eternity for that magical payday replenishment; you’re at least a stone heavier than you were last time you checked, which is still a depressing surprise even though you did just spend the last month eating your weight in After Eights; and you’ve been cruelly forced to battle the cold weather and return to harsh reality after the glorious glow of Christmas.

But January doesn’t have to be doom and gloom, especially when it comes to music! Throw yourself into these new albums, head out to these tours and check out these up-and-coming bands, it should be enough to see you through the month and, before you know it, February will be upon us and life won’t seem quite so bad!


We’ve got a whole load of great tours happening this month; check out just a few below, there’s bound to be something worth getting off the sofa for!

  • The Dillinger Escape Plan. This might be the last time we EVER see TDEP grace our shores as the latest album from them could well be their final release, and the band have pretty much admitted they’re close to calling it a day. If you don’t want to miss out, you need to get off your arse this month!
  • Beach Slang. They are literally one of the coolest bands out there right now. Beach Slang have got some amazing fuzzy garage-pop tunes, slinging out curveballs with every studio release they’ve ever unleashed, and we bet their live shows will have just as much excitement as their studio sound.
  • A Day to Remember. Perhaps the best reason to head down to A Day to Remember’s huge headline shows this January is that the entire night is set to be a good’un. Support comes from Neck Deep and Moose Blood, both massive British bands who are smack-bang on the edge of something incredible, and with A Day to Remember smashing it out of the park with their latest album, this is undoubtably going to be one hell of a show.



  • WSTR. Right. Hold onto your hats. WSTR are, at last, releasing their debut album. That’s right, the wait is finally over! After becoming your favourite British hardcore pop-punkers in 2016 with just EPs and single releases, WSTR have teased us for long enough; their debut album is just days away, and we honestly can’t wait!
  • As It Is. They’ve created the most adorable concept around promoting their second album Okay, including ‘40s-style art posters and broadcast campaign videos, and now all the hard work is about to pay off for As It Is. They’ve done a brilliant job at pumping us all up, so it’s just a case of living up to the hype on release day. No pressure then…



  • Inklings. Fronted by ex-FVK vocalist Kier Kemp, new music project Inklings is barely out of nappies but there’s still a mega buzz around what they’re capable of. We’ve had a brief taste of what Inklings are all about with the release of a debut single, but 2017 promises the first live performance and a heap of new music from Inklings, so you’d best get into them now before it all kicks off!
  • Lacey. Lacey spent last year making friends with lovable pop-punks Bowling For Soup but now they’re heading out on their own for a headline tour this month. Lacey released some new music last year and it was pretty damn good, but they’re already gearing up for more new material sometime over the next 12 months; with shows and music coming out of their ears, Lacey are a great band to wrap yourself up in.
  • Decade. Something for the alt-rock fans now; Decade have got a shedload of stuff coming up this year, but they haven’t quite broken out and had their ‘moment’ just yet. You know what that means? It means you still have time to catch them before they do! But don’t stick around, because with an album release just waiting to happen, that time will run out before you know it!

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