INTERVIEW: George Morris


Image: Press

We recently caught up with American musician George Morris just before the exciting release of his new self-titled album. Morris, who has been described as having an “effective stage persona” and vocals of “otherworldly allure”, had plenty to say about the record’s debut single, his career as a solo artist and why he really digs St. Vincent!


Hi George! We’ve checked out some of your new music from the upcoming self-titled album and, despite having a modern sound, we’d say it definitely has hints of Bowie and the Beatles about it. What other artists have inspired the album?

I definitely take a lot from both Bowie and The Beatles. I think I take from a lot of different places and it all kind of mixes together. Growing up, The Velvet Underground was big for me.  Lately, St. Vincent has been huge.  I love her songwriting and try to steal from her whenever possible!

And what are you hoping the fans will get out of this new album?

Whatever they want to really. I just hope they give it a few listens and enjoy it.

As well as artistic influences, we can definitely hear a synth-pop aspect to your music; it almost creates a new age, other-worldly kind of vibe. You’re a big lover of sci-fi – do you think that has influenced your music at all? 

Yeah, probably. There are definitely some Space Odyssey references on the album.  I think I also just really love synthesisers! I like sitting down and playing with sounds and seeing if anything happens.

‘100 Years’ is the first single released from the album – why did you decide that this single should be the one to showcase your new record? 

After playing the record for a few people the consensus kind of seemed to be ‘100 Years‘ for the first single. I definitely didn’t think it would be a single going into the studio, but we tweaked it a bit and I think that really brought it to life.

People might know you from being in bands before (most notably The Satin Peaches). How does being a solo artist compare?

I guess there’s a bit more freedom, which I like. There’s also a bit more pressure, which can be good… but also overwhelming!

With these bands from the past you have managed to make a pretty big impact on the Detroit music scene – are you hoping to make similar waves in the area with your new album, or are you looking to expand further as a solo artist? 

I’m hoping this album reaches a bit further. I guess my only goal with this record is to have as many people as possible listen to it.

You’ve been part of some explosive live shows previously, so what do you think the new album will bring to the table in terms of your live performances?

This album definitely translates live easier than the previous two. It was the first one that I had the band in the studio with me, so that helps!

And should we look forward to seeing live performances from you any time this year?

Yeah, we should get going again in the spring…


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