5 Bands You’ll Love in 2017- You Just Don’t Know Them Yet!

There are so many great bands out there that people just haven’t heard of; we’d consider a “smaller” band to be one that isn’t well-known just yet, but can be just as good as some of the artists you hear on the radio. We’ve listened and loved so many of these bands over the past few years, and now we’ve picked some that we think everyone should be listening to in 2017 – here are our top five!

1. Until Home

One band you should definitely check out in 2017 is Until Home, a pop-rock band from Brisbane, Australia. The band released an EP, Optimistic, in June 2016, with five amazing and unique tracks. All of their songs are catchy, despite being quite different from each other; for example, ‘Every Summer’ is one of their most upbeat, which seems to connect with the audience just as much as ‘Ink’ which is the slowest, most moving of their songs. This is a band who really try and connect with their fans, always trying to make their music as relatable and honest as they can.

2. 7 Minutes in Heaven

7 Minutes In Heaven, an alternative band based in Illinois, USA, have toured with many popular bands in the past, such as Metro Station, Set It Off, Say We Can Fly and Broadside. The band have released loads of music so far, from Get In the Van! in 2013 to The Statement in 2014 and, in 2015, they finally released Side Effects. The band have featured in music publications including Kerrang! and are continuing to write music and play shows across the USA as we speak. Hopefully 2017 is the year we will get to see what they’ve been working on!

3. Forever Ends Here

Forever Ends Here, a 4-piece pop rock band from Sydney, Australia, have recently released a brilliant new album with tracks that have a similar upbeat style to some of their older material. Many other bands change styles slightly when releasing something new, so hearing a familiar link between both their older and newer songs is, in our opinion, definitely a good thing! The band really identify with that pop rock sound; however, they aren’t just like every other band you hear within the genre. The majority of their music is exciting and upbeat, and it’s very clear why the band have already secured a bunch of loyal fans. 

4. Summer City

Summer City are an electro rock band from Yorkshire, UK who saw their second EP Reprobates released in 2016. Being electro rock, their sound is quite unique with elements of a few different genres within their music, and they’ve always been this way; 2014’s EP, Six Good Reasons, has a stronger electronic vibe which is very different from Reprobates, which has a much more rock-like feel to it. Their latest EP contains a mix of loud, upbeat songs and slower tracks; for instance, ‘I’m a Wreck’ is much more lively than ‘Sound of the Crowd’. The different sounds and mixture of genres in the band’s music means that there is a little something for everyone in there!

5. Waiting For Hollywood

Waiting For Hollywood are pretty new, releasing their debut single ‘This Town’ only last year, along with the awesome music video. Unlike the other bands on this list, Waiting For Hollywood feature a female member who, in this case, plays bass- amazingly, we might add! All of the band’s songs definitely fit into the pop punk genre, with their fast-paced, loud and catchy vibe. Having toured across the UK a few times, playing at popular venues such as The Barfly in Camden, Waiting For Hollywood are a fun band, both live and to listen to, and they love to connecting with their fans. Who needs any other reason to  check them out in 2017?!


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