REVIEW: Heat – Overnight


Montreal alt-rock trio Heat are hitting the new year with full force as they release new record Overnight. For a band who initially formed as an excuse to get together and drink- which is a good enough reason right?- they’ve grown into something that people are starting to notice, and enjoying every minute.

With the songs ranging from a minute and a half to just short of seven minutes long, it’s a good mixture of a record that keeps you on your toes. First track ‘City Limits starts off with a simple but upbeat riff that immediately lifts your spirits, followed by lead singer Susil Sharma’s deep, lulling vocals that take quite a casual, lazy, endearing approach.

‘Sometimes’ is one of the singles on the record and, with its catchy and rhythmic beat, it’s not hard to see why. With an instrumental that takes us back to the ’70s and ’80s post-punk days, with its synth tone in the guitar, it still comes across as extremely original. ‘Lush’, another single, starts off with a strong beat setting a positive vibe and, with a five minute track timing, they’re careful the song doesn’t drag; we think it’s timed perfectly to keep your attention throughout.

At the halfway with ‘Rose De Lima’, we are met with a different sound entirely. The beat is still strong but it takes a softer approach, with female vocals part-way through the song that continue throughout. It’s relaxing tone definitely puts your mind at ease.

‘Cold Hard Morning Light’ takes us back to the upbeat groove of the rest of the record. The harmonies in this track from presumably other band members is a great touch and makes this number stand out. It’s the most rock-influenced song on this album, complete with a brilliant guitar solo, and is guaranteed to remain in your head all day.

‘Still, Soft’, the shortest song on the album, carries a strong beat and chord progression; however, it does end quite abruptly, building up more layers of guitar nearing the end. The album then ends with the longest track on the record, ‘Chains’. It’s got a big introduction and, with that, the track immediately gets back into swing, especially with vocals that suit the track very well, with dark, mysterious vibes.

Overnight is a well thought-out record filled with experimentation of sounds. It’s chilled-out, yet refined, with its calm and cryptic vocals complimenting the upbeat synth. Their original sound is bound to go far, and we can’t wait to see what Heat will get up to!

Overnight by Heat is out on 20th January 2017 via Topshelf Records.


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