REVIEW: You Me At Six – Night People


Like many whose puberty developed throughout the noughties, You Me At Six began as just a bunch of full-fringe emo kids but have transformed over the years into the sleek, suave rock band we see before us. With that, the release of fifth album Night People means it’s only natural to expect yet another sophisticated step forward for the band, but not without the beloved hints of their rough, rugged roots.

The surprisingly adult, sensual groove of album opener ‘Night People’ shows a drastic maturity to You Me At Six, only to be enhanced by numbers such as the intense, atmospheric ‘Spell It Out’; this album shows a band that has developed further than perhaps any of their previous releases.

Moments of brilliance shine out on this album, most of which sound like a whole different band- or at least a band who have something different to give. With Night People, You Me At Six deliver to us a more carnal, unashamed band who freely expose their dark side and take us all down with them. Their personalities, both good and bad, are revealed, from flutterings of seduction in ‘Plus One’ to the playful, carefree hooks in ‘Brand New’, and it unveils a band who, in the past, have been happy to keep their inner-most selves under wraps.

You Me At Six have got their traditions and, for long-time fans, those still lie at the heart of Night People. They’ve provided us with the gorgeous, understated ballad ‘Take on the World’, done in a beautifully subtle way, similar to previous tracks ‘Tigers and Sharks’ and ‘No One Does it Better’. ‘Swear’ sees the band adopt a much darker, more bitter tone that resonates with Sinners Never Sleep, while the melodic undertones of latest single ‘Heavy Soul’, as well as its paced verses, anthemic chorus and a stellar vocal performance, remind us of classic You Me At Six.

Brooding, bold and just a little bit cheeky, Night People sheds perhaps the most personal light on this band we have ever seen, and with that exposure comes You Me At Six at their best.

Night People by You Me At Six is out now via Infectious Music.


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