REVIEW: David Bowie – No Plan


David Bowie might be dead but on what would have been his 70th birthday we’ve instead been given a present in the form of a digital EP, No Plan. The songs on this four track EP were penned by Bowie for the Lazarus musical starring Michael C. Hall and have been released in the form of a live cast recording but were yet to be heard performed by Bowie.

Aside from the opening track ‘Lazarus’ which appeared on his final album Blackstar these are all new tracks. The title track, ‘No Plan’, features Bowie at his most melancholy. Void of desires, he pleads to the listener at how nothing has importance and that he in fact has nothing at all. It is suggestive of a possible afterlife without any semblance of meaning or direction. Whilst this track doesn’t appear on Blackstar it suits the themes and sonic quality of the album.

Killing a Little Time’ picks up some pace. Laden with metal inspired riffs that create a menacing tone this track shows a darker side to Bowie in which he exults rage and bitterness. It’s a far cry from what Bowie has released but it makes us wish that he had released more in this style.

The EP closes with ‘When I Met You’, a nostalgia driven track in which Bowie reverts to a softer tone. It doesn’t offer much in terms of longevity but is still of decent quality, if not a bit forgettable as a closing track. On a whole though this EP has a lot to offer as a posthumous release, even if you’re not a Bowie fan there’s a lot to sink your teeth into. Hopefully more releases like this will see the light of day as the years pass.


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