Introducing The Bands Of Slam Dunk Festival 2017 (So Far)!

The Slam Dunk ’17 announcements are coming through thick and fast, with new bands being revealed and stage line-ups starting to trickle in. If you’re thinking of going this May (and let’s be honest, you’d be mad not to!) we’ve got the perfect guide to every Slam Dunk Festival band announced so far!

Enter Shikari


Image: PR

Electronic rock straight out of England! Shikari are legends in the music scene, and we Brits absolutely adore them! And since they will be performing their amazing debut album Take to the Skies, we can safely say that Slam Dunk is in for a special time!

Don Bronco


Image: Official Facebook

Brit rockers Don Broco are one of those bands that dip into a bit of every rock genre—and it’s definitely a good thing. And though their sound might shift and sway, one thing that remains is their ability to deliver a passionate, and sweat-inducing, live show.

Bowling For Soup


Image: Bowling For Soup

These pop punk legends don’t really need much of an introduction. These rad dudes have been entertaining the eyes and the ears since 1994. With nostalgia-inducing hits like Girl All The Bad Guys Want and 1985, these dudes sure know how to rock a show—and make it feel like the 90s again!

Less Than Jake


Speaking of the ’90s…

This ska punk quintet from Gainesville, Florida takes the 90s vibe to a whole new level. With their energetic pop-punk tunes comes a certain optimistic and youthful exuberance that resonates with us 20th-century children.

Reel Big Fish


More vibrant, feel-good ska punk from the 6-piece from Huntington Beach, California. RBF are the band to watch if you want to have a good time. The band is non-stop, and they are an absolute ball! So if you enjoy Hawaiian shirts, and want to party on down, this is the set for you!



Image: Official Facebook / Instagram

More punk (*jumps up and down*). The band, now consisting purely of producer/musician John Feldmann, formed in 1994 and have been killing it with the spirited and punchy ska punk ever since! 3 ska punk bands? All we need is some No Doubt in this joint, and then we’ll have a damn show!



Image: Official Facebook

Violent and forceful metalcore anyone? The quartet from Ohio are all about heavy breakdowns and intense, hard-hitting aggression, and we freakin love it! And luckily, the band is consistently phenomenal live so Slam Dunk is in for a treat!

Tonight Alive


Image: Official Facebook

Australian pop rock band Tonight Alive bring a level of melodic intensity unlike any other. With songs ranging from the energetic pop-punk Starlight, to their penetrating and powerful ballad Human Interaction, and all the stage presence in the world, the band can truly do it all.

Against Me!


Image: Promo

This punk rock quartet, who formed in 1997 in Gainesville Florida, are all about intense, thoughtful riffs and powerful, bold vocals. So if you’re looking for something to mosh, headbang and shout along to, you’ve found the right band.

The Bronx


Image: Official Facebook

And what’s Slam Dunk without a little hardcore punk? The quartet from Los Angeles are known to bring the heat, and giant adoring/screaming fans, so try not to get trampled! But if you want to let loose, and swing your whole body back and forth, The Bronx has you covered.

Mad Caddies


More radical ska punk from California! Since the 7-piece band barely have enough room to fit all the members on the stage, it isn’t hard to imagine the kind of pure, unfiltered passion that radiates from these kickass dudes. More party vibes for Slam Dunk 2017!

The Movielife


Image: Official Facebook

This emo hardcore crew from Long Island has had their fair share of hiatuses—they only got back together from their second hiatus in 2014—but they haven’t kicked any less ass during those “on a break” periods. And luckily for us, the melodic quintet are playing Slam Dunk, so we get to see all their angsty emo goodness in full force!

We The Kings


Image: Official Facebook

This pop rock quintet from Bradenton, Florida are all about soaring choruses, catchy riffs and enthusiastic melodies. So if bouncy pop rock is your thing, We The Kings is your band. Oh, don’t mind us, just having a major MySpace flashback!

Cute Is What We Aim For


Image: Official Facebook

Speaking of a MySpace flashback…

Pop rock band CIWWAF is back after a series of weird breaks/hiatus/break-up thingamajigs. But regardless, we’re pretty certain the band still know how to get a crowd moving and grooving. We’re stoked to hear the quintet sing their legendary tracks The Curse of Curves and I Put the Metro in Metronome. Take us back to 2006, Cute, we’re ready!

Trophy Eyes


Image: Official Facebook

Aussie pop-punk knows how to do it! The quintet doesn’t perform the typical happy, preppy, generic pop-punk that is churned out nowadays. The emo band’s soulful delivery and weighty lyrical content make them the perfect band to scream along to at any show.

Like Pacific


Image: Official Facebook

Fast-paced, punchy pop-punk is what you can expect from this Toronto crew. Forming in 2010, the band have been developing their pop-punk/hardcore blended sound with great ease. They are definitely a band to keep an eye on—or maybe even two! So if you want to do some pop-punk jumping, go and watch Like Pacific!


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