REVIEW: As It Is – Okay.


Pop-punk boys from Brighton As It Is have finally got around to releasing their much-awaited second album, okay. Having last released their debut LP back in 2015, it saw the trans-Atlantic five-piece gain immense support worldwide with their infectious energy. Let’s see what we thought of their latest release!

The album kicks off with the uplifting ‘Pretty Little Distance’, with an unbelievably catchy riff in classic As It Is style, and the chorus is guaranteed to have you singing and dancing in your living room – no shame here!

The title track is a bold one, as ‘Okay’ dives right in there, not pulling any punches with deep, poignant thoughts of mental health, proving that As It Is aren’t afraid to discuss the same feelings that they know everyone out there feels, which ultimately makes them more lovable and relatable.

‘Patchwork Love’ mellows out tempo a notch, but there’s still plenty of chances to dance with the brilliantly upbeat chorus, despite the song’s beginnings of gentle guitar picking and Patty Walters’ soft voice speaking of unreciprocated love.

We can tell that As It Is have really grown with the making of this album, touching on more mature topics but without losing their upbeat riffs and harmonies on each song. ‘No Way Out’ is a real stand-out, with Patty Walters’ spoken section part-way through backed up by a heavier sound than we’re used to really making its mark- and we sure do love it.

‘Soap’ also leaves a lasting impression, with an edgier guitar tone and an addictive melody that you’ll be listening to on repeat for hours. The passion in the vocals is blindingly, glaringly obvious.

The album ends on the soft, slow-paced ‘Still Remembering’, and is sticking with the familiar theme of relationships, but is filled with nostalgia and is expressed beautifully.

As It Is have really pushed the boat out with okay. They experiment with a bunch of different sounds, moulding it all together to suit them as they grow, especially when it comes to raw and, at times, toxic subject matter. With that, okay. sees As It Is cement their place as one of the best pop-punk bands out there right now.


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