Three Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For The New Paramore Album


Image: Official Facebook

Twelve years ago, a band dropper their debut album, kicking off possibly one of the most prestigious and infamous of careers in pop-punk history.

That album was entitled All We Know Is Falling.

The band? Paramore!

Now, we’re not saying that we’ve been wishing for a new Paramore album for what feels like forever, but we’re also not saying that it looks like our Fairy Rock-Mothers have done us all a solid and made that wish into a reality, with a brand new release coming in upon the horizon.

So why don’t we do something really original and tell you the top three reasons we are most excited to see more from Hayley Williams and crew? Three is the magic number after all.

At Least One Of the Farro Brothers Is Back

misery business paramore.gif


That’s right, original drummer Zac Farro is back on skin beating duties for the first time in nearly seven years! That’s a confirmed thing that is happening. Don’t go getting too excited though, so far Mr. Farro is only back as a session drummer and has stated he has no intention to rejoin the band as a permanent member. Could this signal a return to the punk over pop side of the band? We wonder what his brother makes of this?  Josh, if you’re out there reading this, why not drop us a message about how you feel?

New Album = New Live Dates?

paramore live.gif


Some of us haven’t had the chance to sing along to Misery Business, Pressure, Hallelujah and Emergency with the (sometimes) red headed lady and a few thousand other fans yet and would really like to. A new album would inevitably lead to live shows, so if the guys wouldn’t mind hurrying up and getting on with things, we’d be just peachy with that.

We Want New Music Damn It! 

paramore dance gif.gif


Look, it’s been four years since we’ve had any new music from Paramore, with 2013’s self titled release definitely leaning towards the Pop end of the Pop-Punk spectrum. We want to see what happens next! Will we see a return to the sounds of All We Know Is Falling and Riot? Will we have more bubblegum punk (see ‘Still Into You’ For Further Details) to chew on? We can’t wait to find out!






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