Check Out This Trippy New Music Video From Vukovi


Image: PR

British rock band Vukovi have revealed their latest single ‘La Di Da‘ and hit us with a pretty freaky music video to go with it. You can check out the video for ‘La Di Da‘, which premiered with Kerrang!, below:

The video features vocalist Janine Shilstone getting up close and personal with a boa constrictor. Speaking about the making of the video, she has said: “At first I was terrified and when David, the owner, turned up with this see-through box. I totally froze when I saw her, though David assured me that she’d never bit or tried to strangle anyone before! Her name was Honey, a 6ft Boa Constrictor, and after 20 mins of stroking her I finally plucked up the courage to hold her. I completely fell in love. She slithered down my left arm and rested her head on my hand, it was so therapeutic. There was one shot where I lay down and got her to slither along my body and she beautifully went behind my ear and then up towards the camera. Even in the shots where I’ve got her around my neck not once did I feel that her intentions were to try to strangle me!”

La Di Da‘ is taken from the band’s debut self-titled album, which is set for release on 10th March.


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