Why The ‘Waiting’ Of ‘Having A Blast’ At A UK Green Day Show Will Be ‘Worth It’ ‘In The End’!

There are few combinations of two words that leave this writer happier than Green and Day. When you think that you could also combine pie and mash, that really is saying something pretty damn serious.

With a career spanning close to thirty years and a back catalogue of albums of such a consistent and ridiculously high quality (‘Uno’, ‘Dos’ and ‘Tre’ you say? Nope, can’t say I’ve heard of them, we shall not mention them again!), the prospect of a Green Day live show is particularly exciting. What songs will they play? What antics will Tre Cool inevitably get up to? How many pops will they make at Donald Trump?

As for the latter, our money is on at least four. We would report back, but you know how unreliable we at the dishonest media are. We’re sure that some alternative facts will be sent out after we publish our review if needed.

Is that little joke there ‘Too Much Too Soon‘?

Anyway, on with the list…

It’s Green Day Live For God’s Sake!


Image: rebloggy.com

How can anyone with tickets not be beside themselves with excitement? ‘When I Come Around‘ to the show and am ‘Having A Blast‘, ‘In The End‘ I’m pretty sure it’ll be much like the most exciting little ‘Holiday‘ of my life so far. I’m gonna be rocking out like it’s my ‘Last Night On Earth‘.

Frankly, the ‘Waiting‘ is killing me. It’ll be a show that we will probably talk about ‘All The Time‘ in these ‘Troubled Times‘. It’s probably a little bit ‘Redundant‘ to be counting down the days to go, as that won’t make time go any faster. It certainly won’t help my suspected ‘Restless Heart Syndrome‘ one bit.  Is that even a thing or is it just ‘Another One Of My Lies‘? if it turns out to be an illness, I best have somebody on hand to ‘Give Me Novacaine‘.

Are you ‘Sick Of Me‘ doing this yet? If so, you’re probably just a bit of a ‘Misery‘ and are firmly in the ‘Minority‘.  Your friends probably refer to you as ‘The Grouch‘ of the group.

Will This Be Their Most Politically Fuelled Show Ever? 


Image: tenor.co

The trio have been pretty vocal on their dislike of the new President of The United States Of America for quite a while. So this leaves us wondering if this tour could see them at their most politically charged and volatile? We sure hope so! There’s nothing like a good bit of crowd chanting is there?

Irish Attendees Will Get To See Rancid As Well! 

It’s pretty much every ’90’s punk lovers dream, Green Day AND Rancid!


At the same show!

All we’d need to do is throw in Reel Big Fish as an opening act to take the insanity levels from ‘extremely dangerously high’ through to ‘HOLY F**K I THINK I MAY ACTUALLY EXPLODE’.

(Fun Fact: Rancid front-man Tim Armstrong once asked Billie Joe Armstrong to join pre-Rancid outfit, Operation Ivy. Mr. Armstrong refused, as he was focused on his band The Sweet Children who later re-name themselves and became the Green Day we know and love today).


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