Our Favourite ’80s Cover Songs!

We love hearing new spins on our old favourites, especially when they come from one of the best decades for music (and perhaps the worst for fashion, but let’s not go there). Check out our picks of the most awesome ‘80s covers out there!

Motion City Soundtrack – Pop Song 89 (R.E.M)

Motion City Soundtrack are one of the most blasé, nonchalant, understated pop-punk bands in… well, probably ever! So it suits them to opt for one of the decade’s more chilled out soft rock groups with this zen R.E.M cover.

Placebo – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)

Kate Bush is cool. Don’t deny it, don’t argue – she just is. Who else could rock that amount of hair? Anyway, it begs the question, how could you possibly make her even cooler? Have one of her most famous songs absolutely oozing with Placebo, obviously!

Reel Big Fish – Take On Me (a-ha)

The band have become so renowned for their cover of this ‘80s classic that it’s come to the point where no Reel Big Fish live show is complete without it. It’s become a cult ska-punk hit thanks to their infectiously upbeat version!

The Lounge Kittens – Africa (Toto)

The Lounge Kittens take on songs ranging from urban club numbers to feisty punk rock; it’s not surprising, then, that they’ve found space to squeeze this ‘80s gem into their repertoire, as it’s one the decade’s most lovable songs!


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