REVIEW: .bipolar. – Seven


Las Vegas metal quintet .bipolar. have released their latest EP, Seven, and with it comes four groove-laden metal tracks.

The first song, ‘Ernest’, kicks of the EP with a steady, grinding riff that sets the tone for the rest of the tracks. While not an overly complex song, the heavy riffs and solid groove keeps it moving forward. These are complimented by a mixture of heavier and cleaner vocal styles as the track flows between the verses and choruses. The track is finished off with flourishes of little drum fills, making for a solid opening track.

‘Pyrite’ picks up the pace with another hard hitting riff, reminiscent of metal from the early ’00s, and there’s no messing around with introductions as it dives headfirst into the first verse. Just over halfway through, the song takes on a slower pace, providing a brief period of rest before coming full circle, ending with the catchy riff it opened with.

Track three, ‘Habitual‘ has an essence of nu-metal, with dissonant riffs providing a constant sense of tension throughout. There’s no need for flashy, complicated musical passages as the grinding, chromatic riffs provide everything the song needs to be effective and set the tone. Being┬ámore stripped-back compared the wall of sound style productions often found in newer metal allows songs such as this to breathe and bear down on the listener in all of it’s heavy glory.

Closing of the EP is ‘Overnighter‘, a much more melodic affair compared to the previous track. As is expected by now, there’s riffs, there’s strong powerful vocals complimented by cleaner sections, and some solid drum work, which rounds off Seven nicely.

Overall it is a solid release and should get more than a few heads banging at the live shows!

SEVEN by .bipolar. is available now.


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