Rockstars We Reckon Could Take On Being The Next Doctor Who

After watching the beloved national treasure that is Doctor Who over all these years, it seems you need some special qualities to fulfil the role of last remaining Time Lord; ineffable charm, love-or-hate quirks, distinctive fashion sense and a wealth of knowledge that spans time, space and history. After news that the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will be leaving the show at the end of the year, it looks as though some seriously big shoes need to be filled. Who do we think have what it takes to be the next Doctor Who? These guys, of course…

The charm…

Even in his twilight years (which, let’s be honest, at 68 years of age he’s getting there) Steven Tyler has never lost that on stage persona that has people falling at his feet. He’s always had a twinkle in his eye, which is something every Doctor needs, and even when he’s being crude, or outrageous, or strutting around on stage speaking about men who look like women in a tight spandex bodysuit, he oozes charisma. He’d have his pick of the sidekicks, that’s for sure!



The quirks…

He’s always got his head buried in books about extraterrestrials and spaceships, so Tom DeLonge already has the upper hand there. Despite fronting some of the best pop-punks bands of a generation, thanks to his enthusiasm for aliens and his somewhat tempermental nature, Tom DeLonge is still looked upon as a little… unusual by the general public. Perfect to be the Doctor then!



The fashion…

He’s sported the most extravagant fashions from every decade, and there’s no doubt that Mick Jagger has his own distinct style, right down to his famous strut! We’re not sure which iconic look he could use for his Doctor Who – maybe his super-tight, crotch-hugging trousers, his no-shirt-bright-blazer ensemble, or his puffy green blouse from the ‘Dancing in the Street’ video. Who knows?!



The brains…

Is there actually anyone more qualified to be the next Doctor than Brian May? Not only does he have his own recognisable look with that enormous hairdo, but he’s extremely intelligent so he’d be well up on knowing all there is to know about other galaxies and whatnot. Not to mention, he’s already a real life doctor. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have our winner…




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