Our Favourite Ladies Who Take On the Music World

Turn on any news channel right now and it’s likely that you’re going to see at least one mention of the women’s marches against the new President Elect of The United States Of America. It left us at Drop This thinking, with all these ladies coming together and having there voices heard around the globe, who are the ladies in music who’s voices we most like to hear?

With so many incredible women to choose from in today’s musical universe, we sat down, had a good think and came up with a list of five of our favourites, who you should totally check out.

Billie Marten

At the tender age of just seventeen, 2016 saw the release of this Yorkshire songstresses debut album Writing Of Blues And Yellows (coincidentally, also this writer’s top album of the year!), which came out with very little in the way of fanfare or ceremony, but with buckets of brilliance. Tender yet intense, happy yet sad, bitter yet sweet, we could sit here for hours telling you why Miss. Marten is one of our ones to watch this year, but that would take away time you could spend listening to her aforementioned debut album.

Laura Jane Grace

There have been many great women in punk-rock music. Debbie Harry, Brody DallePattie Smith, Joan Jet, Chrissie Hynde… The list goes on without end! Against Me’s leading lady Laura Jane Grace has more than earned her place on this prestigious list, crafting up some of the most chaotic, energetic and poignantly lyrical punk music of this generation. A transgender icon and fire-filled front-woman to boot, we stand by the original True Trans Soul Rebel.

Ash Costello

With her two toned hair and smouldering vocals, Ash Costello of New Years Day has rather shot to fame over the last couple of years hasn’t she? With a series of jaw dropping live performances and 2015’s Malevolence being met to a very positive reaction from fans and critics alike, this lady is the definition of the modern goth icon (is it still called New Grave?) and deservedly so. We just can’t wait to see what she does next.

Hayley Williams

Come on, do we really have to say any more here? She fronts Paramore and has been possibly the biggest teen heart-throb of the century. If you don’t know why we love Hayley, then the problem is with you.


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